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Channel One Hunger Heros

The Rochester Midas Family, Group Volunteers

The Rochester MIDAS family became involved with Channel One following a MIDAS International convention in the fall of 2014. Nationwide MIDAS had embraced the cause to Drive Out Hunger by pairing with local food banks. Rochester Midas toured the Channel One facility with Jennifer Woodford, Executive Director, and ran the idea by the folks at the shop. They were all on board and the only thing holding them back from volunteering more is coordinating a night that fits everyone’s schedule. Rochester Midas has also committed to donating $1 of every oil change to the food bank.

Channel One staff shared “The Rochester Midas Family is a team of dedicated, hardworking volunteers. They know what is expected of them when they arrive and go full steam ahead to tacked any project they are given.”  When this group is on the volunteer schedule our staff have no doubt they will be able to complete any project they are assigned.

“Our volunteer nights have become a family affair- including wives, children and friends. We are all happy to be helping the community and supporting Channel One,” explained one of the Rochester Midas family members.

hunger heroes midas family

Robie Coffman, Food Shelf Intake Volunteer

“Every time Robie volunteers at Channel One she brings her bright, smiley face and makes the day enjoyable for all those she is working with.” These are the types of comments shared about this month’s Hunger Hero. Robie Coffman has a heart for volunteering. She believes in giving back just as she did with her family as a young child. Her family every Christmas went out of the way to give to those who needed more to be sure they would have a happy holiday. Today she feels it is her turn to give back to those in need.

Robie came to Channel One looking for an opportunity to stay active and involved while working to become a better person. She now volunteers with Channel One, Rochester Public Library, and Saturday Noon Meals at Christ United Methodist Church. Robie shares her bright smile and caring attitude with each person who comes to her counter to check in to the food shelf. Whenever she is working with someone who may be a bit challenging she reminds herself that the other person may be having a bad day and gives them a smile to bring a bit of happiness to their day.

Since Robie has been volunteering, she has seen many wonderful changes to our facilities and is excited to be a part of our team. Robie encourages other people to get involved and volunteer too. She wants others to not let their personal limitations prevent them from helping. She shares “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.” – Henry Ford.

hunger heroes robie coffman

Peace United Church of Christ

This month Channel One is honoring and thanking one of the many amazing groups that volunteers regularly with Channel One. Peace United Church of Christ has volunteered with Channel One for many, many years. A group comes each month to help pack boxes for our Nutrition Assistance Program for Seniors (NAPS). This program allows seniors to receive a a nutritional box of food containing grains, fruits, vegetables, protein, and dairy each month. For many of the seniors we serve this allows them not to have to make touch choices between medicine and nutritious food.

Thank you Peace UCC volunteers for making a difference in the lives of those in need!

hunger heroes peace ucc

Girl Scout Troop 40041 – August 2015

It took some outside of the box thinking for a group of young ladies to come up with an idea to help those in need. Four young woman from Girl Scout Troop 40041 worked together to earn their Girl Scout Silver award by making shopping a little easier for clients using the Channel One Supplemental Food Shelf. For their project, the girls designed and made 640 recyclable shopping bags for Channel One Food Shelf and a display rack.

The projected started in the fall of 2014, Grace Odell, Katie Orr, Margaret Rogers, and Linda O’Connell were brainstorming organizations that could use their support and they decided to visit Channel One for a tour. After visiting Channel One, it was decided they could make recyclable shopping bags for clients to use. This project would be sustainable, low cost, and would require the support of other people. Each person took a leadership role in part of the project. Margaret collected T-shirts by putting collections bins at catholic schools and churches, sending out flyers to schools, and talking to students about the project. Katie washed and counted all of the shirts.  Grace organized a day when volunteers could come and help cut and sew shirts and even set up a website to help coordinate the event.  Linda had the task of working with Channel One to receive the donation and creating a display rack for the finished bags.

Their longs hours and dedication really paid off. “I feel very proud of what we did. I liked being the leaders in this and showing how others can follow in our footsteps,” said Katie. Through this project the girls learned many things. “I’ve done a lot of volunteering in my life. My dad is in the military and I’ve done a lot of hometown gratitude,” said Linda. “It’s fun to do it even though you’re not the sponsor, but finally being the sponsor myself and having people help me, it’s fun to see how many people are willing to help out their community.” Grace is looking forward to inspiring other groups or individuals to continue the project by making T-shirt bags of their own to donate to the food shelf.

Margaret shared, “This project made me realize that hunger is a very real thing and someone that you wouldn’t suspect might be in need, and they might be closer than you think.” The girls would also like to be sure and thank everyone that supported them through this project, especially their parents who were very supportive and helpful, particularly for transportation, but also giving them the leadership and autonomy to let the girls do their own project.

hunger heroes girl scouts
hunger heroes girl scouts