Kitchen Transformation

Channel One houses a licensed commercial kitchen as a space for small businesses and members of the community to rent and prepare their own recipes in a commercial kitchen setting. Additional licensing and permits may be required.

Originally, the kitchen was created for food education courses. Alongside rentals, Channel One will continue offering non-profit partners this space to hold classes on community-based cooking, healthy eating, and life skills.

Available Equipment

By renting The Community Kitchen, businesses and community members will have access to:

  • a convection oven
  • six burner stove
  • stand mixer
  • refrigerator and freezer
  • food storage
  • pots, pans and basic utensils

Kitchen Rental

Renting the kitchen is $20 per hour. The price is subject to change for non-profit and community organizations.

Those interested in renting the Community Kitchen should contact Genna Devitt at or 507-424-1730.