channel one green garden

Providing land, gardening advice, and tools for families to grow their own produce to supplement their food budgets.

With the generous sharing of several acres from three different faith communities in Rochester, Channel One offers the Green Garden program to families who wish to supplement their food budgets with fresh produce that is grown in the garden.

Even beyond the impact of saving on grocery bills, the gardens also offer participants a chance to share tips and develop friendships.

About 80% of the families who utilize the program are immigrants and refugees who are accustomed to planting large gardens in their home countries.

The atmosphere in the gardens is one of family. The sharing of knowledge and the camaraderie of coming together around the common bond of a love of gardening is really something to witness.

The Green Garden Program is used by an average of 100 families and has been in place since 1986.

Registration for the gardens is limited to a first come, first serve basis each spring with preference being given to gardeners who have had well cared for plots in the previous year. Please contact Channel One at 507-287-2350 for more information regarding registration information.

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