The Beginning of Something New

The month of April is traditionally the time to register for Channel One garden plots. Recently Channel One learned of a new community gardening resource that we believe will best meet the needs of our gardeners. We are partnering with a new organization for Green Gardens: The Village Community Garden and Learning Center.

The Village is 11 acres of free community garden space in southwest Rochester, on Salem Road. They offer more garden space to grow food, exchange knowledge and customs and share resources. We are proud to work with them to support families to grow their own food.

To register for a plot or find out more information, simply
• Call the Village Community Garden at 507-258-8050: or
• Email the Village Community Garden at

We understand that the Channel One Gardens at Rochester Covenant Church and Community Presbyterian Church, located in northwest Rochester may be closer to where some of our gardeners live. If you cannot travel to southwest Rochester to garden, please call the Food Shelf at 507-424-1707 and we can look for options with you.

Learn More About The Village Community Garden