Channel One Hunger Heros

The Rochester MN Senior Softball team

Every year, Lois invites her friends from the Rochester MN Senior Softball team to help her harvest potatoes that she plants for Channel One.  Gordon Haubenschild coordinates the effort, and the entire team digs in!  This year, they brought in 1,370 pounds of potatoes and 105 pounds of other veggies for a total of 1,475 pounds to help feed people in need! Thank you so much!

Jess Kurti

Jess Kurti stopped by Channel One in July to volunteer as part of her “Beast of Burden Challenge” to volunteer at all 200 Feeding America foodbanks nationwide. Jess’s stop at Channel One marked her 162nd food bank.

Her mission is to raise awareness of our nation’s food banks and their fight against hunger and poverty, which she calls the “Beast of Burden Challenge.” In conjunction, an additional goal is to run 100 marathons. The focus is to educate and engage the public, not only about the existence and importance of Feeding America’s network of food banks, but also how small contributions by each of us can make a tremendous difference in ending hunger.

Jess is bringing much needed awareness to the issue of hunger. Thank you, Jess!

Larry Stacy

Volunteering all day, every Monday, Larry can work any area of the food shelf or clean room.  One thing that makes Larry extra special is his ability to communicate with clients.  He celebrates with a “Congratulations!” when someone is excited about getting a job interview, or gives a supportive “Things will turn around” when someone is struggling.  He knows compassion is important to all of us, and is generous with his smile and caring words, saying “It’s nothing magical.  I’m just compelled to share.”

Larry and his wife, Joyce, coordinate the group from People of Hope church that sorts and packs food each month at Channel One.  Often the food they packed during a 2-hour Thursday evening shift is gone by noon on Monday, driving home the need for volunteer groups.  While Larry is a record breaker when it comes to contributing volunteer hours, his heart for feeding people in need is worthy of celebrating!  Thank you Larry!

Sharon Haarstad

When most people dream of retirement, they dream of taking it easy, but not Sharon Haarstad.  She dreamed of the day she could start “giving back” by volunteering, “It was just something I always wanted to do.”  Sharon speaks fondly of volunteers she works with, saying “they’re great!  We each work so well together.”   She says it’s satisfying to help others, and the team she works with is great!  She started volunteering at Channel One because she felt she had been blessed, and wanted to give back.  We are grateful for you, Sharon!