Channel One Collects A Mile of Mac and Cheese During Rochester WinterFest 

January 31, 2018 –  ROCHESTER, MN – During Rochester WinterFest 2018, Channel One Regional Food Bank partnered with Hy-Vee to help meet a goal to collect a Mile of Mac and Cheese. That goal, which equates to 9,000 boxes, will help sustain the need for the frequently requested product at Channel One’s Supplemental Food shelf throughout the year. On Saturday and Sunday, January 27th and 28th, volunteers asked shoppers at all four Rochester Hy-Vee locations to purchase boxes of Mac and Cheese and donate them to Channel One by leaving them in collection bins. A total of 11,052 boxes of Mac and Cheese were collected, which surpassed the goal.

Kaitlin Anderson, Community Relations Coordinator at Hy-Vee stated, “We are proud to be in partnership with Channel One and support their mission to feed people in need.  But the real recognition needs to go to the Hy-Vee customers who exceeded our expectations and donated so generously to the Mile of Mac and Cheese.” Channel One Regional Food Bank Executive Director, Virginia Merritt, notes the feeling is mutual. “We are so grateful for Hy-Vee’s partnership. Each year, we are amazed by the support we receive from the community and Hy-Vee customers. Thank you for helping Channel One collect well over a mile of mac and cheese. These boxes will help put a warm meal on the table during these cold winter days.”

Channel One acknowledges the food drive was successful because of the efforts of all involved, especially volunteers from Channel One and Hy-Vee. Channel One Regional Food Bank joined many area non-profit agencies partnering with WinterFest XVI to help raise awareness and funds for their organizations.  This community effort will help ensure full bellies throughout the area for kids facing hunger.