Below is a visual representation of Channel One Regional Food Bank’s strategic plan. Channel One Regional Food Bank used a data-driven, mixed-methods approach to create the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. What follows is a high overview of themes, strategies and goals aimed at fulfilling our mission of strengthening food access and building healthy communities.


Every Community in our Region is Food Secure


Channel One Strengthens Food Access and Builds Healthy Communities


People Experiencing Food Insecurity are at the Center of Everything We Do

We Create an Inclusive Culture that Welcomes and Respects the Diversity of People we Serve, Employees and Volunteers and Honors the Fundamental Value and Dignity of All Individuals

We Build and Foster a Culture of Continuous Innovation

We Work in Partnership with Local Communities and Our Peers to Improve Nutrition and Promote Food Security

Core Themes

Client Experience

Partner Experience

Food Security as a Social Determinant of Health

Core Operations

We will have 100% choice at all agencies and partner programs.

Programs within the Channel One Regional Food Bank network have client-centered operations with a focus on choice, nutrition and a welcoming environment.

We will be a valued partner with agencies and programs as a thought leader, best practices, and food availability.

Provide proactive and responsive support for partners within the Channel One Regional Food Bank network.

Functional collaborative networks/coalitions that integrate the voice of people experiencing food insecurity advocating for the needs of their communities.

Address food insecurity as a health issue for those we serve

We have a data-driven culture and an internal goal factor map/report

Use data to assess needs and equitably distribute resources and food throughout our programs/network/region

We can pay for our mindset and we have standardized systems

Strengthen Channel One Regional Food Bank core operations to best meet the short and long-term needs of those facing food insecurity within our region