Channel One Regional Food Bank and Walmart Foundation are Working Together to Feed More People in Need

April 26, 2018 –Rochester, MN–Channel One Regional Food Bank recently received a grant in the amount of $20,000 from Walmart Foundation to help increase the amount of Retail Food Donation Program food products being distributed through Feeding America Food Banks to help feed individuals struggling with hunger. 

Through the Retail Food Donation Program, Feeding America Food banks and member agencies pick up food donations that might otherwise be recycled or go to waste and distribute them to people in need.  Of the 4.2 billion meals secured in 2017, more than 1.3 billion were captured through the Retail Store Donation (RSD) program, serving as Feeding America’s largest food source. 

Last fiscal year, Channel One Regional Food Bank distributed over 9.3 million pounds of food to over 100,000 individuals in need in Southeast Minnesota and La Crosse County, Wisconsin.  Over 6.2 million pounds of the food distributed was acquired through donations from our valuable partners, including those who participate in the Retail Food Donation Program.    

 As Feeding America’s largest donor of food and funds, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have contributed more than 4.2 billion pounds of food and more than $119 million to the Feed America organization since 2005.  In FY17, the Walmart Foundation invested $2.35 million in grants to assist the network to grow and expand their retail programs.  The Walmart Foundation is the leading partner in building the Feeding America network’s capacity to rescue and distribute more perishable food from retailers across the United States in a sustainable, cost-effective way.